Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates Available Online in Kerala

Now you can get Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates online in Kerala. Department of Local Self Governance has launched a new initiative to make these certificates available online. Mr. Paloli Mohammed Kutty, state minister for Local Self Governance has inaugurated this e-Governance project today at the Trivandrum Corporation.

The project is developed with the help of Information Kerala Mission (IKM). You can access the website  to get the certificates online. Initially this service is available from 1,223 Registration points where the Sevana application software developed by the IKM is used to register the birth, death and marriage details. The data of the registrations is stored in the State Data Center managed by IKM.

As of now only recent records are available online. In the next phase of the project, all records from 1970 will be digitized and uploaded to the database making it available online. Certificates downloaded from the website will be recognized as valid document for all purposes such as school admission.

Kerala will become the first State in the country to have online facility for issuing birth, death and marriage certificates in every local body with the launch of this project.

Link to Kerala Government Website to download Birth, Death and Marriage Certificate:

Birth Certificate is now mandatory for obtaining a passport in India. Now you can submit Passport Application Online. Check the link for details of Online Application for Passport in Kerala.

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71 thoughts on “Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates Available Online in Kerala

  1. Death Certificate- I can’t downlord
    Since two weeks I am trying to downloard death certificate from of Kottakkal Municipalty.Regn No.871/2013-20/12/2013 What is the problem. What can I do ?

  2. kamarudheen & fathima says:


  3. kamarudheen & fathima says:

    Please send marriage
    certificate. I want to go to abroad

  4. im looking for my father in laws family. he was taken by the british from his house in the year 1913 on august 14.i have only one paper that has his name from the archives.on the paper his name is mathew. fathers name is varied.brothers name is devasi. district -malabar. taluq -ponnani. village-chittathoor. the spellings might be different as the british would put in writing how they heard the words. is there a way i can find the families from what paper i have. any help .

  5. Uma R.Nair says:

    My father is an ex-military. He died on 12.06.2013. Cochin Corportation has issued a computerized death certificate registered on 29.06.2013. May i know this certificate is enough for the documentation for my mother’s pension procedure . Some people say that this certificate is not valid and that we have to purchase a Rs.10/- stamp paper and give to the corporation and only then they will issued a death certificate. I want to know if it is necessary. If it is necessary kindly let us know the procedure for the same.

  6. sirajudheen kp says:

    i my marriage was legally not registered,. now i need our married certificate apply for family visa.what is the procedure

  7. dear sir, my son and daughters birth certificate have some mistake for mothers name,her name only kulsu but chidrence certificate have ummu kulsu,so how can change the mistake,what documents need,kindly reply me thank you sir

    • Please contact the Panchayath, Municipality or Corporation where your children’s birth is registered with valid ID proof with the correct name of mother. They will be able to help you.

  8. V.SAJI KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother Mrs. Santha P Kurup has applied for Legal Heir Certificate at Kottayam, on the demise of my Father Mr. P.V.KURUP at the Kottayam Taluq Office, kindly advice me on the date when we can expect this certificate.



  9. Respected Sir,
    I was registered my grand mother’s death at chirayinkeezhu grama panchayath after that one of the panchayath employee said that take the certificate from any one of the akshaya center . My question is can I take this certificate from my system? If I can take it from my system how I can?

  10. marrige certificate
    i wande


    my marriage was in Dec 15 2002 and i registered my marriage in Mayyanad panchayat.
    Please give the marriage certificate. Please reply at the earliest.

  12. death certificat

  13. Kiran S Gopinath says:

    my marriage was in Aug 3o and i registered my marriage in Karakulam panchayat. But there is a mistake(instead of kazhavur P.O they given as Pulluvila P.O) in my address when they give the marriage certificate. I want to rectify that mistake. How to do the correction.? What is the procedure for that.? Please reply at the earliest.

  14. How can I change my daughter’s name which was registered in Aluva Muncipality from hospital itself. What are the procedures involved in this?

  15. NIKHIL P DAS says:

    my birth not registered. i want to register my birth trough online, please help me get a birth certificate
    I was born on 28/03/1989 in my house at chelakara- thrissur.I need my birth certificate for applying passport for urgent.
    pls send the website e.mail .address

  16. Dear sir,
    Sir, i was born in Kerala in 1990 but right now living in Chennai.
    I have to apply for passport for which BIRTH CERTIFICATE is mandatory, i tried to get it in online but its keep on showing error.
    Moreover in my certificate, my mom’s pet name only mentioned, i want to CORRECT MY MOTHER’S NAME, how can i do it?
    Is it possible to change it in on-line itself?

  17. Sir My son”s birth not registered .I want to register his birth through online ,please help him to get his birth certificate. He born on 30/03/1990 in his house at chelakara (dt) thrissur . The purpose of birth certificate is applying passport for urgent

  18. Hello Sir,

    My name is Harshith. My Birth Certificate has been misplaced. I need to know the procedure of getting a duplicate Birth Certificate. Please help me in this regard. I will always be Thankful to you. I have tried to search my Birth registration but was unable to find. My full name is Harshith K, D.O.B is 22-10-1989 and Mothers name is Arundhathi M.K and I was born in K.N.H Hospital and Mangalpady is the nearest Grama Panchayath. It is in Kasaragod District. You can ask me any information if you need any.

    Thanks & Regards!!!

  19. sunitha kumari c.s says:

    imy marriage was legally not registered,but registered in sreedevi kalayanmandavam,karamana. so now i need our married certificate apply for family visa.what is the procedure

  20. muhammed althaf says:

    i am a 15 years old birthcertificate is not i want a new one what i do?

  21. Kanyakumari says:

    Do you have birth and death records going back to 1946. I need to know if there was any death registered around 12th August 1946 of a child with last name Tatapudy.
    Do you have any phone number?

  22. my marriage was legally not registered,but registered in temple. so now i need our married certificate apply for family visa.what is the procedure

  23. my marriage was registrade when i want the cirtificate

  24. Thara chandran says:

    I want to take my Birth cirtificate.My birth date is 13/2/1984

  25. Ajesh Kumar A S says:

    Dear respected Sir,
    I Need to register my birth. Kindly do the needful for registering the same. My particulars are furnished below:
    Name :

    Ajesh Kumar A S

    My parents have not registered the birth at the time since they were ignorant of the same. Now I request you to kindly register the same and arrange for issue of a birth certificate and oblige.

    Thanks in Advance
    Ajesh Kumar A S

  26. My marriage was registered only in the records of the organozation of my community 18 years back. But,at present, the record is not available with the organization.At this juncture, how can I obtain my marriage certificate from the government body. Awaiting a favourable reply,please.

  27. [...] Self Governance, Birth Certificates are made available Online in a phased manner. Recent records of Birth Certificates are now available online. Go to the website: and check to see if the records in the year of your [...]



  29. priyanka p v says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I need the help for application of marriage cerificate.What all porcedures i should follow.
    Thanks & Regards

  30. Fincy Nadarajan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Am legally married and we were separated before the birth of our child.I have got a online birth certificate from the hospital on which my baby’s name was not registered now since my husband is uncooperative i am finding it difficult to register her name .
    please help me in this regard.

  31. Lovely Babu says:

    I am Lovely Babu, Puthupparamattathil, Mannthur , Thirumarady Panchayat, Ernakulam dist. I want to know my daugher’s date of birth. Please help me in this matter.

  32. sir, my date of birth as per certificates is 10th may 1991. But my correc date of birth as per the records in village office is 25th september 1991. How can i correct my date of birth in the certificates? Plz help me.

  33. sir, the hospital staff who were sapposed to have passed on the information at the time of birth of my daughter have misspelled mine and my wife’s name in my daughter’s birth certificate pls direct as to how i can get it correct.

  34. Dear Sir,
    my son name is SAFWAN,when he got the SSLC book we find spelling mistake in his name SAFVAN (Should be W) now he is in +2 please advise to me how i can change (even his passport name also correct SAFWAN)
    Thanks & regards,

  35. rasheed p p says:

    Dear Sir,
    my son name is safwan rasheed,when he got the sslc book we find there was spelling mistake safVan (Should be W) now he is in +2 (his passport name also safwan) so please advise me what i have to do for change
    thanks a lot

  36. Hareesh.m.s says:

    I’m hareesh attingal.i want my birth certificate for get the fresh passport what can i do birth day is( jun.16.1988 at11.20)pleas help me

  37. noushadillikkal says:

    where i can make correctrion of myson birth certificate

  38. Dear sir

    i wand may berth ce
    rtificets daite is 11.02.2011 name is also fathimahanna;payanthongil house

  39. Have anyone tried the website link given above, I did. I am feeling shame to say that this website is like a school project, with incomplete data. When you try to search, is shows only one gramapanchayath. When we select that panchayath, a page is displayed with some years to select, but none of the years are selectable. Shame shame…Kerala government to implement such a website and give publicity.

  40. Please give complaint/suggestions to will respond.

  41. T.K.Mukundan says:

    In my son’s birth certificate and school records, his name is written as Vishnu.M.
    I want to change this as Vishnu Mukundan. How can I change his name in school records as well as in birth certificate ?

  42. JUSTIN. P. PHILIP says:

    I need the birth certificate of my son. Birth place at kollam corporation, date of birth 27/04/2007.


    Dear Sir,
    My mother Janaki Amma died on 12th March 1989. We have informed this date to Anikadu Grama Panchayath , Mallappally taluk, Pathanamthitta District. Till today we have not collected the death certificate. Kindly inform , how we can get the death certificate. Thanking You.

  44. hai
    i want to know one thing how can i add my childrens sur name?now no surname,and parents name also spell mistake. i contact panjayath thachampara,they told me the hospital authorities give these details,and go and collect records and letter from hospital.when i go there the hospital legally saled to another person before 7years back.they told me they have no records and no letter pad in previous hospital details.and return back panjayath authority say that he cant do anything..
    before birth am seperated from husband so dont know now where is he.and i want to add my sur name to my children name
    how can i add?i read malayala manorama news papper that issues of birth cetificate can change by the help of attested copy of
    legal authority.when i went to municipality they told me they didnt get the order yet
    any one help me in this case

  45. 1. At present i am working outside of India. My marriage was in the year 1995. Now i want to bring my wife where I am working. Is marriage certificate is required from the panchayat or the marriage certificate which we have (received from the church) is enough.
    2. Can i get the marriage certificate to be registered from online. If it is possible kindly give all the details.

    Your kind reply is required at the earlist.


    • Krishnan IKM says:

      there have option to submit ur marriage registration application through online on website.But u have to come in front of the registrar of panchayat concerned along with the original and copies of documents to prove age,adress and copy of online submitted form…

  46. pramod.v.m,meppancod, pallimon, kollam 691576 says:

    we need brith certificate of my son brith place kollam corporation date of brith 04.12.2006

  47. Mydaughter SNIGDHAA took birth on 03rd november 2008 from THALASSERY and she is now 2years and three months old child. how can i get her birth certificate through online? Her father is ANEESH.K and mother SHEEBA.M.V

  48. naiju augustin says:

    sir, my birth was added different dates in my school certificate and muncipal records.I had to take a passport and entered birth date as in my school certificate .How can i change my birth certificate as in my muncipal records.can you help me? thank you

    • Krishnan IKM says:

      Just consult the municipal athorities,they give u the details of records need to chnage the birth date …

  49. my birth not registered.i want to register my birth through online,please help me get a birth certificate
    I was born on 06/01/1991 in my house at Mattukatta,Idukki I need my birth certificate for applying passport for urgent Please send the web site and e mail ID

    • Krishnan IKM says:

      No web site currently available to register birth online.Registration can only done through the panchayath or municipality where u born.Just go and consult the localbody u born…

  50. Sir please help me to my daughter’s birth certificate
    date of birth – 6/11/2006

  51. sir ,

  52. Sunny Raphael says:

    In my son’s birth certificate, his name is ‘Naveen’ only. But in his school records his name is ‘Naveen Sunny’. How can I change his name in birth certificate as in school records?

  53. sir, can you help me to get my son birth certificate. his birth date not registered, now he is completed 17 years. he born at home. Becouse of ignorency we didnt register that time. younger son registered. so wht i want to do for to get his birth certificate and how i can apply for birth certificate.

  54. help me to get my sisters birth certificate

  55. K.M.THOMAS KUTTY says:

    Dear respected Sir,
    I am in need of a birth certificate for supporting of my date of birth along with my green card application processing which will be filed by my daughter. My particulars are furnished below:
    Name :

    Fathers name: MAMMEN MATHAI (LATE)
    mOTHERS NAME ( SHE IS THE GUARDIAN IN THE SSLC Certifacate since my father expired when small.
    Date of birth: 14-5-1945 (forteenth May one thousand nine hundred and forty five)
    Place of Birth : Kunnamthanam. Taluk, Thiruvalla then and now Mallpally. District: Pathanamthitta, Village :Kunnamthanam now and Kaviyoor then.
    Address: KUMPLOLIKAL HOUSE, Kunnamthanam, Vallamala, Mallapally taluk, Kerala State, Pin:689581

    My parents have not registered the birth at the time since they were ignorant of the same. Now I request you to kindly register the same and arrange for issue of a birth certificate and oblige.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,K.M.THOMAS KUTTY

  56. birth sertificate

  57. Amal varkey james says:

    Name amadament for Varghese james to Amal Varkey James. Birth registration on Cochin Corporation
    place of birth is Cochin Sangeevani Hospital

  58. my birth not registered. i want to register my birth trough online, please help me get a birth certificate
    I was born on 30.05.1989 in my house at Thenkurissi- Palakkad.I need my birth certificate for applying passport for urgent.
    pls send the website e.mail .address

  59. it would have been nice if the records included olden births dates back to 1980′s

  60. it is a very useful web for users.

  61. very usefull website

  62. [...] print outs of the Online Birth Certificate as a valid proof for school admission in Kerala. Earlier reported that Kerala Government has launched a new initiative to make the Birth, Death and Marriage [...]

  63. it is a very useful web for users.

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