Lecole Chempaka School Trivandrum

Lecole Chempaka School is an extension of the famous Chempaka kindergarten in Trivandrum. The school is affiliated to ICSE.

Chempaka has got 6 kindergarten schools in Trivandrum. Lecole Chempaka School is situated at Edavacode, near to Sreekaryam off NH47 in Trivandrum. Distance to the Lecole Chempaka School from Trivandrum city center is around 12 Km. Distance from Technopark to Lecole Chempaka is around 8 Km.


L’ecole Chempaka
Silver Rocks,TC 9/2170 (1),
Trivandrum-695 017

Phone number of Lecole Chempaka School: 0471-2592255

Email: lecole@chempaka.org

Website: www.chempaka.org

2 thoughts on “Lecole Chempaka School Trivandrum

  1. sheela lekshmi says:

    your schools are overcrowded with students and you do not have much space in most of your annex especially in your subash nagar annex and also faculties are not enough to manage this much of students. And also many of us have the suggestion that your fees rate is very high and after all your are charging this much of fees you are not equiped with enough toys or any facilities like good play area, garden in front, playing equipments for kindergarden, no enough cycles etc…………. and the method of teaching is very traditional, you are not using pheonetics usage for teaching alphabets…………. please consider this suggestions and make improvements in the next academic year otherwise your institution will be thrown out from the list of good institutions…………(suggestions made are mainly related to subash nagar annex and also others too made these same suggestions to me, so please consider)…………thankyou

  2. are the classrooms airconditioned.

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