How to Get Birth Certificate in Kerala

Birth Certificate is a legal document, which is a must for School admission in Kerala, and it is also an essential document for obtaining a passport in India. As per the Government rules, all births and deaths should be registered in the nearest office of the local body – Panchayath, Municipality or Corporation. If the child birth is happened in a hospital, it is the responsibility of the hospital to forward the details to the Panchayath/Municipality or Corporation and get the birth registered.

How to get the Birth Certificate in Kerala

There are 2 ways to get the Birth Certificate in Kerala.

1. As part of e-Governance initiative of the department of Local Self Governance, Birth Certificates are made available Online in a phased manner. Recent records of Birth Certificates are now available online. Go to the website: and check to see if the records in the year of your child’s birth are available online. If it is available, type in the Name of the child, Date of Birth, Gender, and Name of mother. Type the characters as shown in the “Word Verification” you will get the Birth Certificate in the next screen.

2. If the Birth Certificate Data in the year of your child’s birth is not available online, you need to visit the Panchayath/Municipality/Corporation and apply in person. Fill the application form for Birth Certificate and submit it along with a stamp paper of Rs.20/- Court Fee stamp of RS. 1/- should be affixed on the application form. You will get a receipt with the date of availability of the certificate. Usually it will be available within a weeks time.

If the child is above 6 years of age, a certificate from the school in which the child is studying should be presented along with the application. Usually it will be a copy of the school register.

13 thoughts on “How to Get Birth Certificate in Kerala

  1. Sir,

    I have completed my Graduation. My Parents had’nt taken a Birth Certificate at the time of my Birth. Now I need Birth Cetificate to apply for a Passport. What is it that I am supposed to do….. plz help

  2. Ashif Mohammed says:

    ante wife Anakha S Nair 1989 kottayam Caritas Hospital.avalude birth certificate nashtapettu eppol duplicate certificate kittan njan anthu cheyyanam

  3. Hi!

    I have completed my Graduation. My Parents had’nt taken a Birth Cirtificate at the time of My Birth. Now I need Birth Cetificate to apply for a Passport. As for the same had applied for one at the local Panchayat Office in 2012 last Quarter, but still has’nt been Issued. To avoid future contradictions, need Date of Birth mentioned in the Matriculation Certificate in the Birth Cirtificate too…

    How do I go abt? Need ur Advice.

  4. sir, njan 1992 -il janichathanu. Ippo passport edukanayi birth certificate avasyamayi vannu. birth certificate kittan njan application-te koode enthoke documents aanu submit cheyyendath??
    njan ipo oru village-il aanu thamasikkunnath. hospital SAT aayirunnathinal tvm corporatiom-il ninnumanu cirtificate vangendath..
    expecting ur valuable reply…

  5. Hi sir, Im a Hindu, localite of mavelikara, alleppy. My wife is a muslim from palakkad, she doesnt have a birth certificate copy nor voters id, we got registered our marriage in chennai. I want to add up her name in our family ration card. Pls help me with the reuirements. how and what to do….. to update her name in the ration card?

  6. Sir,
    my parents forgot my date of birth.What to do for getting my birth certificate?Can we search the details of birth in the muncipality register to know the correct date???

  7. Sir,
    njan 1984 aprilil janicha vyakthi annu ,ente kayyil birth certificate illa ,ipol chila avishangalkku ayyi enikku oru birth certificate avisham undu.ente sslc certificate ,passport thudangi ellathilum date of birth undu enikku berth certificate kittanayi mel paranja documents copy ayyi vechu apply cheythal birth certificate kittumo ? njan evideyanu apply cheyyendathu ?

    • 1 you have to apply for Non availability certificate to the registrar (Panchayat/municipality/Corporation etc )in which your birth occurred.
      2 submit application to RDO for birth Regn Registration with This NAC,Passport copy ,School certificate,affidavit from a Notary,ID card,
      Any doubt ?
      Please call 94 47 67 57 47 (BSNL mobile KERALA ) for help at any time

  8. nandagopan. k says:

    ente makan Vishnugopan 1999 april 10 nanu genichathu, athinte birth certificate vattamkulam panchayathil ninnu labhichathanu, ennal athu nashtapettu, ethinte duplicate labhikkuvan enthucheyyanam? ente makanu eppol 13 vayassayi . avante peru ration cardil cherkkuvan enthu certificatanu vangikkandathu?

  9. farzeena k.v. says:

    Anta brt certificatil fatherinta name(jamal)annne. my school crtificatil father name(muhammed jamal.k.v.) fatherinta sslc bookil fatharinta name (mohammed jamal.p)annumaane.anikke passportine abakshikkan njan anthallam chayyanam.athallam officumayi njan bhantha ppadanam..

  10. dear sir/mam i am jyothi 20 years old my family forget regieration my birth date im muncipal or panchayat now i need birth certificate for apply for passport my native place in palgarh in kerala

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