Official Website of Trivandrum Corporation

Information Kerala Mission (IKM), Government of Kerala maintains the Official Website of Trivandrum Corporation:  Corporation of Trivandrum is one of the largest local bodies in Kerala with 100 wards. The website provides information about various plans and activities of Trivandrum Corporation.

The website of Trivandrum Corporation has useful links to online registration of birth and death and marriage registration. The site also provides various forms to be submitted at the corporation office. The website provides details of building permit applications and its status.

Phone numbers of Trivandrum Corporation:
Phone: 0471-2320821, 2320922, 2320795, 2320597, 2320047
Fax: 0471-2332083

One thought on “Official Website of Trivandrum Corporation

  1. Scariah Cherian,Secretary,Seasons Residents Welfare Association,Kuravankonam says:

    1. We have submitted an application to the corporation to reimburse the subsidy for processing the waste by ourselves,about two years back.Finally it has been approved for payment more than a month back but still we haven’t received the payment.We were the first in this city to install biobins for processing the organic waste.I will be very grateful if the payment can be expedited.

    2. We have collected a lot of glass bottles from the residents and we do not have more space to keep them.We do not know how to dispose of them.If you can give us any information about this it will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you very much

    Scariah Cherian

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