Manorama News Malayalam News Channel

Manorama News is the Malayalam News TV Channel from the Malayala Manorama Group. The channel is telecast 24 hours. Manorama News is the first TV channel in India, which started separate regional news telecast to 3 different regions in Kerala, and a separate international telecast for the Gulf region. Manorama News has South, Central and North Kerala coverage for regional news. Manorama News is one of the most successful Malayalam TV News channels.

Manorama News was launched on August 17, 2006 which is also the Malayalam New Year. The channel is head quartered at Aroor, Alleppey, which is adjacent to Kochi. With the success of the News channel, Manorama News is also launching a general entertainment Malayalam channel soon.

Manorama News has an Internet edition as well. It is updated with News, and streaming videos of important programs of Manorama News.

Near Aroor Toll Gate,
NH Bypass Road,
Aroor P.O
Alapuzha – 688 534
Phone :- +91 478 6610000


4 thoughts on “Manorama News Malayalam News Channel

  1. Why Keralites are not proactive ? It has been seen for the past that on occurrence of some incident the Govt. machenaries get activated for some time which will diminish in 2-3 days. The recent food poisoning and death of a young student has alerted Govt. agencies. How long such searches and closing of shops will take place ; can the actual defaulters will be booked ? Since there are rules and the Health Department is empowered to take necessary actions against such defaulters at any time whey such failures ? However, it is seen that they will react only when an unnatural incident reported. Why can’t there be a stream lined procedure with check and balances in food industry which is the morale duty of Health Depaprtment. There is High Court order banning Thattu Kada in Kerala, however, it is ashamed to say that the business is flourishing every where under the coverage of comman man’s approachable food out let. There should not be two rules for comman man and rich man in the society and ensure that the rules and orders are implemented in letter and spirit.

  2. I like manorama much

  3. Prof Gopalakrishna Panicker says:

    CPI (M) , General Secretary Prakash Karate and Seetharam yechuri , declared that the party will co-operate with the police case against Mr Mony the district secretary of CPM . But to day there are protest march supporting Mr Mony organised by the CPM .What answer the state secretariat has to offer for this party misconduct challenging the leadership

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