Manorama Arogyam | Malayalam Health Magazine from Manorama

Manorama Arogyam is a health magazine in Malayalam published by Malayala Manorama Group. The magazine covers regular features about wellness, health awareness, major diseases and health tips. The magazine is published by MM Publications Limited, part of Malayala Manorama Group. Manorama Arogyam is published from Kottayam. Some of the regular features of Manorama Arogyam include ‘Daily Life’ – health tips on day to day life, ‘Medi beats’ – Latest development in the medical world, information about rare diseases, Funny tips etc. Manorama Arogyam is a very good companion for the health conscious Malayalee. The magazine publishes cover stories on various health issues on a monthly basis.

Editor: Bina Mathew
Editor in charge: M. Madhu Chandran


Manorama Arogyam
P.B No. 1105
Kottayam 686 002
Phone: 0481 2563721, 2563722
Fax: 0481 2564393

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5 thoughts on “Manorama Arogyam | Malayalam Health Magazine from Manorama

  1. Sir
    I attend the free medical cardiology check up at kottarakkara LOTUS Hospital , i got the information from the malayala manorama news , that deals in the manorama daily news paper which it is mention that all camp attending members will get free ” manorama MAgazines ” Unfortuntely from 2 months i am not getting free magazine . could you please inform the details please

    Suhail Y

  2. Hi my name is Jinu malayalee from australia. I would like to get manorama aroghyam magazine here in australia(not onlinebut by post)Vanitha is coming to me in australia regularly.Pls direct me to the proper channel.

  3. I have got a manorama arogyam coupon for subscribing the malayalam magazine. On checking with online the address given in the coupon and the address given on the online differs. The address shown in the coupon is Senior Executive, Subscription, P.B. No.226, M.M. Publications , Kotayam 686001. Kindly confirm the correct address for submitting the subscription form.

    With regards,

    Sisy Jose

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