Business Deepika | Economic and Financial Weekly in Malayalam

Business Deepika is the Malayalam Economic and Financial Weekly from Deepika. It was first published in November 1992. It was the first business weekly in Malayalam. The weekly publishes articles on financial matters and business news. The target audience of the magazine are bankers, financial experts, stock brokers, investors, traders, businessmen, management experts and students. The magazine provides business related information and corporate news of Kerala and India based businesses. The magazine was launched in 1992 by the then President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma from Kottayam.


Rashtra Deepika Ltd.
P.B. No.7
Kottayam-686 001
Phone: 0481 2566706, 3012001
Fax: 0481 3012222



4 thoughts on “Business Deepika | Economic and Financial Weekly in Malayalam

  1. l am in Canada l want to read business deepika in online

  2. mujeeb koonari says:

    i like

  3. I was a regular reader of Business Deepika when I was in Kerala. Now I am in Canada.I would like to read it.Could I read it online? If it is possible ,pleas elet me know about it.Thank you.

  4. good business magazine

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